and with an inspiration… she’s back.

Today started out just like a typical rainy Monday. I was late for work by 15 minutes (I forgot I owed a colleague a coffee and had to make a second stop at Dunks) and after morning duty in the Gym – I met my class in Room 304.

Happily today was not your typical Monday lesson plan, instead we tromped off the Halibut Point State Park for a rainy day adventure. The weather was dreary, but the views were beautiful. Not to mention- the class was surprisingly well behaved.

However, it was after lunch that inspired me to start this new adventure. Actually- its all Martha’s fault. You see, Martha recently picked up this book…

365 – Daily Creative Journal- Make Something Every Day & Change Your Life. She shared with me her theme for the next 365 days and it was then that my own wheels started turning…..

Let’s just say the first thing I did after school was pick up a copy of the book. Tonight I shall read… tomorrow I hope to be back with a few ideas.

I love my Swap Package!!!

Seeing how the ravelry thread got archived…. I’m sharing with anyone who will read this they bestest swap package in all the world!


How awesome is this?

I arrived home on Monday with this totally neat printed box with Amsterdam written in several places! I couldn’t wait to get home from the post office to open it up! The enclosed letter was perfect and I enjoyed reading it while building up even more anticipation and wondering what could possible be hidden below the screaming blue tissue paper that was calling my name! Everything inside was simply perfect.

The first thing I saw were the pens- and all I could do is smile! No boring blue or black in for me! The tea filter was next to catch my eye- I am so glad you thought ahead – as I would have no idea what to do with loose tea. But now I am excited to try! I love the blue and white knick-knacks you enclosed- they will sit happily among my shelf and I will smile when I see them. I’m a binder clip junkie and those you enclosed will find there way onto one of many stacks

The glove pattern is totally me- though I have never knit fingers.. but do have experience with thumbs. 😉 I think the hardest part will be decide which 2 – four letter words shall be stitched on each hand!

Last and not least- the Manos Silk Blend is the most absolutely perfect color for fall in New England. I want to make something totally selfish and just for me out of it so I can enjoy the color and feel!

They say that good thing are worth the wait… and surely this package makes me believe in this even more!

Knitting again…

So… now that I am knitting again- I figured it might be nice to share some projects.

This cell phone cozy was a fun knit. I liked the lace and cable mix AND my cell phone fix in just perfectly. It was supposed to be a knit-along with a fellow TSG-er  who graciously offered to help me knit through my “knitting block”… it’s worked.  Un-fortunately I flew through the knitting before for she did much more than casted on.

I’ve also been working on a Mystery Knit & Read Along.

As for the reading- I completed the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie  Society a few days into it. It was a surprisingly good read and interesting writing format.  As for the knitting… here is what I have so far.

I’m using Cascade 220 in Solid Black. I like it so far- the texture is pretty neat.

And with these dishcloths… I return to knitting.

A knitting hiatus… that’s what I’m calling it.  With the exception for a few 6″ sections on traveling scarves – I’ve knitted next  to nothing in the last 6-7 months.

I’m honestly not sure why.

It seems to me, that all of my creativity juices were dried up. My cakes didn’t looks as happy, my knitting didn’t inspire… even my doodles on the side of my school notes- just lacked something.

So- it is with a GREAT BIG SMILE I present you with these two dishcloths. My pride and joy for the moment- cheap cotton and all.

And with these two bright cloths packaged and sent – I am happy to say – my knitting “mojo”  has returned!

A crocodile in my hands….

So yes. Today I held a crocodile in my hands. Who in Massachusetts does that? It was creepy and cool and not my first time.  But seriously, how many people held a crocodile today?

a little less than a year….

and I return to blog land.

I have so never been any good at keeping up with a journal or even this blog. I always have the best of intentions, but fail to keep up the postings.

So, what has sparked this recent trip here to blog-land.

It’s summer time!!!  Today is the first Monday of summer vacation.

I love my job. I can’t imagine anything else I would rather  be doing than teaching. I love the high school age group, love the challenges and the personalities. And like any teacher will tell you, I love the months of July and August.

I have absolutely no plans for this vacation. (With the exception of 2 workshops that will be a total of 5 days work.) So I am hoping I can get back in to the swing of things creatively. I haven’t done much knitting this past year. I haven’t done much of the crafty artsy-fartsy things that have helped make me, me.  And I have no idea why.

SO…. my first goal is to find some creative inspiration. Anyone have any suggestions?

Months later….

While it’s hard to believe that it’s already July(!!!) – it’s not hard at all to believe that it’s been 5+ months since I’ve posted here.

I was taking a class at a teachers conference about using Blogging in the Classroom for Education and Activities… and was reminded that I have a blog already. Silly me- it’s funny how things slip your mind.

The Fiddlehead Mits that I talked about last month are more than just skeins of yarn and a pattern these days. They’re actually two mittens- that just need a lining knit it. 🙂 They were a fun knit.

The last real FO I created was my Frog Prince. He was a blast. I love small detailed work – gives both instant gratification as well as detailed work that keeps my interest.

I was looking back at my first post of the year- and thought I might update you (me) on my Knitting Resolutions….  while I did already explain to you all the ways I would get around my resolutions – I should probably refresh myself anyways with my ideas.

Resolution #1 – Knit something for my self using my stash yarn.

Progress- I haven’t knit anything for myself this year from my stash.  HOWEVER- I did organize my stash.

Resolution #2 – Only buy yarn for specific projects.

Progress- I’ve only bought a few skeins (a few being less than a dozen) of yarn this year in total. All but a few of those few have been bought for specific projects.  I’ve missed yarn shop crawling-  but can’t justify buying yarn to stick it in a bin.

Resolution #3 – Learn to crochet.

Progress- I still have July, August, September, October, November and December to learn.

Resolution #4 – Knit for charity, once a month.

Progress- I still have July, August, September, October, November and December to knit. If I double up… maybe I can consider this a success! 🙂

So all in all… I haven’t been knitting very much lately.  Think I should fix this …. soon!